2019 Guitar Summit Schedule of Events

Saturday, November 23rd
Lecture Sessions | 11:15 AM | 1:30 PM | 3:30 PM
– The Role of Guitar in The Bristol Sessions and Beyond with Dr. Rene Rodgers, Birthplace of Country Music Museum
– The History of Guitar in SWVA with Ted Olson, ETSU Appalachian Studies Dept.

Lecture Demonstrations | 10:15 AM | 2:30 PM,|4:15 PM
– Guitar Styles Workshop with Tori Bartfai, Juan John De Hoyos, Mac Traynham
– Contest Guitar Playing Workshop with Nick Weitzenfeld, Scott Fore, Jack Hinshelwood

Performances by Claiborne Woodall, Brandon Davis, Casey Lewis, Steve and Penny Kilby, Doug Rorrer, Taylor Rorrer

Sunday, November 24th
Open Jam | 10:00 AM

Lecture Demonstrations | 12:30 PM | 1:30 PM
– Inlay with Jayne Henderson
– Backing up Fiddle Tunes Workshop with Erynn Marshall, Carl Jones, Olen Gardner, Willard Gayheart

Lecture Sessions | 12:30 PM | 1:30 PM
– Guitars, Old Fords & Hillbilly Music with David Winship, Traditional Music Historian & Educator

Performances by Scott Freeman, Denny Alley, Blake Collins

The Guitar Summit Ticket Prices:
Advance Ticket Price: Adult 1 day $35, Day of Event $50
Advance Ticket Price: Adult 2 day $50, Day of Event $65
Advance Ticket Price: Family (2 adults/children) 2 day $75, Day of Event $90
Advance Ticket Price: Child 1 day $10, Day of Event $10

For more info, call The Henderson at 276|706|4011.

All proceeds benefit the Junior Appalachian Programs at The Henderson.