The Henderson offers Adult JAM lessons and we plan to host JAM sessions every Sunday for all to join! Check our calendar to see when and what, you can even RSVP for these free, fun events.

Some of our instructors for adult classes (which can include high school age 15 and up) are:

Jim Lloyd

Steve Kilby

Madison Greer

Austin Tate

                                                                              Debbie Grim Yates


Students are to provide their own instruments, or see Catherine Poole for more information if you are interested in purchasing an instrument at reasonable cost. Please let us know if you have a preference to learn a specific instrument. If we can gather 5 students together we can start a class, otherwise we can hook you up for individual lessons with an instructor.

You can pay as you go, but please RSVP by going to our Calendar Page and Clicking on the event!