The Henderson offers hands-on workshops in diverse disciplines. The schedule is created seasonally, with an effort to schedule different instructors or focuses within a discipline each season. There is also an attempt to offer workshops for different skill levels when possible.

These workshops are offered in a variety of formats including:

  • Samplers
  • Weeknight series
  • Weekend single day workshops
  • Weekend multi-day intensive workshops
  • Week-long intensive workshops
  • On-demand workshops for groups
  • Extended instruction for more complex schedules

In some cases, these workshops are offered off site at a partner’s location if it is a collaborative effort or if the school does not have appropriate workspace for the event.

In addition to the hands-on workshops, the school also hosts lectures on topics in art and music, especially as related to the history and traditions of this region. During festivals and other regional events, The Henderson is always interested in hosting demonstrations or exhibits related to the event.

Exhibits, Performance, and Special Events

In addition to the educational programming, The Henderson also hosts events and provides exhibit and performance space for artists and the community. Local artisans are exhibited in the main lobby, both stairwells, and throughout the building. Students’ work may be featured as well.

The building is also used as a performance space for small events in the second floor Henderson Auditorium. In addition, the school hosts or collaborates with partners to produce performances of a larger nature or offer a smaller venue for our heritage partners, such as The Lincoln Theatre. These events may be free, for a fee, or fundraisers for the school. We ask for a donation from the hosting partner rather than a nominal charge for the space, working within everyone’s budget, particularly our non-profit partners and social organizations.