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Your contribution to The Wayne C. Henderson School of Appalachian Arts will allow us to continue our vision in preserving and promoting our Appalachian Arts and Crafts heritage!

Similar to other non-profit art programs, tuition and fees do not generate sufficient revenue to cover the total cost of providing these valuable opportunities. Without your support we would need to raise tuition cost, increase workshop sizes, and cut down on yearly improvements to the school.

From outright gifts of cash and security bequests, to selflessly giving of your time and talents in a variety of volunteer opportunities, contributions of any size or amount directly benefit the students and help us sustain The Henderson’s exceptional programs and the school’s leadership in the field of art and music education. Your generosity and support are essential to the continued operation and preservation of our school, its outstanding programming, and our mission.

Contact us if you’re interested in volunteering in any capacity!


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