The Wayne C. Henderson School of Appalachian Arts is finishing its fourth year as a Junior Appalachian Musician (JAM) affiliate in conjunction with The Crooked Road.

We will be meeting on MONDAYS after school. This is to allow students to have the opportunity to watch, listen, and play with our Monday Night Jam Musicians on Monday from 6pm-on…giving kids a wonderful chance to play with some of the finest pickers EVER!!!!

We follow the Smyth County School System, therefore if there is no school on a Monday, there is NO JAM this also applies if there is an early dismissal. If there is a government holiday, there is NO JAM.

JAM Objectives:

• Fostering Local Music and Dance Traditions

• Community Involvement
The main objective of The Henderson is to promote involvement and strategic partnerships with community leaders in education, traditional arts, youth services and business/tourism. Our Steering Committee is comprised of a talented eclectic mix of individuals that share our mission of preserving, promoting, and presenting our Appalachian heritage through music, arts and crafts.

• Positive and accessible learning environments
We provide excellence in instruction, efficient administration and encourage personal commitment, good character and improved self-esteem. Our accessible learning environment is affordable to all (fee based on sliding scale and/or with ample scholarships) and we are located in historic Downtown Marion which will minimize transportation issues for our targeted population.

We are handicapped accessible for all classrooms and the auditorium. We will provide loan or low cost rentals of instruments (and instrument care/maintenance). Our 75 seat auditorium allows students to perform and experience performances from visiting musicians and allow us to provide experience in recording and stage preparation. This auditorium also allows us the potential to raise funds through performances and to orchestrate interesting collaborations with other organizations.

The Henderson is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Appalachian arts and crafts and will honor JAM’s mission by establishing this invaluable resource for the youth of Smyth County. Henderson JAM will provide a centrally located, safe, positive, accessible learning environment for Smyth County students.

We will begin our JAM with instruction in guitar, banjo, fiddle, upright bass, mandolin and ukulele. If you are interested in participating in our program, please contact us, and sign up for our newsletter which will keep you informed as we progress weekly toward the expansion of all our programs.

To find out more about JAM and our region, please visit the JAM kids.

Interested in becoming a JAM instructor? Download, fill out, and return the Application for Employment.