Beginning Inlay Workshop with Jayne

Inlay Workshop for Beginners with Jayne Henderson

Cost for this one day workshop is $165 and includes all supplies.

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Master Inlay Artisan (and Luthier extraordinaire) Jayne Henderson will teach an inlay class here at The Henderson! This inlay course is designed for beginners with little to no woodworking or guitar building experience.

Jayne will introduce you to the inlay process, including deciding on an inlay and basic layout tasks that will set you up for a successful inlay. She will cover basic cutting techniques using jeweler’s saws and mini files and the other tools used to complete the job.

Jayne will discuss safety and material hazards as well as responsible materials sourcing. You will generate a drawing for your design and learn successful techniques for cutting and routing while learning placement and pattern transfer. Jayne will demonstrate sanding, filling and finishing, all in this one day course.



EJ Henderson

Elizabeth Jayne Henderson began making acoustic guitars with her dad, the very talented musician and luthier Wayne C. Henderson, as a means to pay off her law school loans and ended up loving the work so much that she decided to pursue a career in Lutherie rather than environmental law. For the past few years, she has honed her craft, learning from her dad in order to preserve and carry on his incredible trade while putting her own spin on his traditional aesthetics and methods.

Jayne has chiseled a space for herself within the luthier community by working to meld tradition with environmentally friendly practices. Most of her instruments are made from local wood that she finds within a small radius from her home in the Appalachian mountains or from materials located farther away but that are thoughtfully and sustainably harvested. Using these methods and my dad’s building techniques she is shifting the idea that only exotic endangered wood can make a beautiful, great sounding instrument.

She currently splits her time working in her dad’s shop in Rugby, VA and at her home in Asheville, NC.  Every once in awhile, we are fortunate to have her working in the Lutherie that bares her name: The Henderson Lutherie.