Marty Howard

Marty Howard lives in Munroe Falls, OH. Marty spent a long time working at Summit Racing; he left Summit to set his sights on Howard Handcraft.

Marty was invited to join The Henderson team in 2018 by Gerald Anderson. Marty met Gerald when he called him to ask about a used Anderson mandolin that was for sale in Michigan at a place called “Elderly Instruments”. Marty’s son, Jake Howard plays mandolin. He and Jake traveled to Michigan and spent the entire day playing mandolins but kept returning to the “well worn” Anderson mandolin. Marty talks about the experience, “I didn’t know who Gerald was, or that he had studied under another man I never heard of, Wayne Henderson.” They purchased this mandolin, it was the third that Gerald had built, dated 1981. He traveled down to Troutdale, VA and the rest is history. As Marty puts it, “there are WAY more stories, memories, and friendships that were born from one used mandolin purchase than I can count.”

Marty and his son, Jake then participated in a guitar building workshop with Gerald in 2013 at Tryon Arts and Crafts School and then Gerald invited Marty to help with another Tryon class in 2014.

Gerald knew we could benefit from Marty’s expertise. We will always be grateful to Gerald for bringing Marty into our lutherie family!

With Gerald’s passing in June 2019, Marty picked up the mantel and we lovingly say that Marty is “the wind beneath our wings.” Marty keeps the machines running and is a pivotal in making our “Gerald Anderson Lutherie” one of the finest lutheries in the country.