Tracy Thompson shows her “work in progress” working with her glass on glass technique.  This will be a great class for beginners or intermediate artists. Check our calendar to RSVP for Saturday’s class.

Or click here to RSVP for Sunday’s class.

Here is your chance to create your very own framed Spring mosaic masterpiece. You will learn how to work with glass and china, how to prepare your materials for mounting and how to choose the right adhesive. Tracy will also have lots of filler beads and doo-dads for your creations and you are invited to bring any scrap glass or china that you may want to use (or share with the class).


• Substrate, a hand-crafted wood design especially created for your
mosaic with the hanging hardware already installed.

• Adhesives and grout.

• Wheeled nippers, running pliers and scorers

• Diagonal wire cutter, and a side cutter

• Filler baubles and beads

• Scrap glass, broken china, mosaic tiles


• Your treasures, your glass if you have some, china, tiles, beads, baubles, and any kind of mosaic treasures you may want to use.