There are many opportunities at THE HENDERSON, whether you would like to teach, volunteer, learn something new, or participate in a program. Please check out what facilities and resources we have to offer.


Studio/Classrooms Rental

The Henderson has four Studio/Classrooms available for workshops, lectures, or classes (formal or informal). An instructor can choose to rent a room or a studio for a proposed class rather than to have The Henderson sponsor a proposed workshop or class. Instructors pay in advance to reserve the room. There is no refund for cancellations because we have held that space for your specific event. The instructor is in charge of ALL logistics; The Henderson provides only the space for the event or workshop.

In classroom rental, the instructor will be responsible for:
• marketing their own class,
• class supplies
• collection of their class fees
• clean-up

If you are interested in renting a studio or a classroom please click here: Rental Contract.

Classroom Rental
Classroom Rental: Half Day (up to 4 hours) $20/half day
Classroom Rental: Full Day (up to 8 hours) $40/ full day

Classroom Rentals with low maintenance facilities would include:
• Room 117: Painting and Drawing Studio
• Room 107: Arts & Crafts Studio
• Room 109: Quilting & Sewing Studio
• Room 120: Music Room/Weaving and Fiber Arts Studio

Studio Rental
Studio rental includes studios where an instructor will be using our facilities and our equipment to teach a class or a workshop. It is also possible that an artisan may want to rent the studio for the day if they want to use it for their own artistic purposes.

If you would like to rent a classroom for your own workshop or course, space can be provided pending availability. Space rental does not include registration, promotions or marketing by THE HENDERSON for your course. We will provide your course information on our calendar and link to your website.

In studio rental, the instructor will be responsible for:
• marketing their own class,
• class supplies
• collection of their class fees
• clean-up

Studio Rentals with specified equipment and maintained facilities would include:
• The Burke Print Shop*
• Room 120 Weaving and Spinning
• Woodshop*
• Lutherie*

**These studios require a certificate of safety and signed contract indicating that the artisan has been instructed on the safety and use of the equipment.

Property Damage: Renters are held responsible for damage to facility or property during the period of the rental agreement.

Rental Liability Waiver: The renter shall acknowledge that The Henderson is not responsible for any liability in the event of illness or injury to any person or damage to any property during the period of the rental agreement.

Studio Rental: Half Day (up to 4 hours) $45/half day
Studio Rental: Full Day (up to 8 hours) $90/ full day

Private Lesson Room Rental
Instructors wanting to offer private lessons can do so for $20/month for up to 4 hours of instruction per week and $40/month for up to 8 hours of instruction per week. Our intention with this arrangement is to

• promote creative activity
• support our mission as a community resource
• offer instructors an alternative to using their own homes
• provide a central hub of like-mindedness and creative support
Teaching a SPONSORED Class

If you are interested in offering a class as part of THE HENDERSON team, please review our contract information by clicking on The Henderson Memorandum of Understanding PDF

An instructor can choose to have The Henderson sponsor a specific course or workshop, this would be a 70/30 commission based agreement. (Instructor: 70% /Henderson: 30%) split of the proceeds of the class or workshop. Proceeds are determined by the profit made after materials, if supplies are required the cost will be deducted before the split, or reimbursed to the instructor before the split. This agreement is different from room or studio rental, as The Henderson would provide:

• studio space
• non-consumable supplies (ie tabletop easels, brushes, palettes)
• Partner in marketing the class
• collect fees
• clean up

There is no risk to the instructor as there are no upfront costs, (unless the instructor purchases needed supplies), and no room reservation fees. We will post class information and reservation/payment links on our website, and take sign up/registration at the front desk. The Henderson will pay the instructor at the conclusion of the class.

Open Studio

The Henderson will offer an Open Studio (multi-purpose room) on Thursday afternoons from 4 pm – 8 pm. The purpose of this is to invite the community into the studio for an evening of painting and crafts. Supplies will be available for purchase from our store/gift shop.


We gladly accept donations of equipment and supplies, we ask that the equipment be in working condition please, as we do not have the resources to replace and repair parts. We are a 501c3 and will gladly send you a thank you detailing the value of the donation and our tax information.

Items appreciated at this time:
Any Canning/Preserving Equipment (pressure cookers, large stock pots, etc)

Wood Shop Essentials:
Lathes, Routers, Laminate Trimmer, Planer, Jointer, Compound Mitre Saw, Sharpening Station, Workbenches, Band Saw, Glue Clamps, Spindle Sander, Belt Sander, Overarm Router, Edge Sander, Buffing System, Misc Hand Tools, Turning Chucks

Instruments for our JAM program:
Banjos, Guitars, Fiddles, Dulcimers, Dobros, Mandolins, Bass

Variety of Wood types, Tabletop (“Showcard”) Press, Metal Dingbats and miscellany images.
Supply Needs

In order to create certain projects, we can always use some ordinary household items:

China or glass pieces for mosaic designs (plates or platters, cups that are chipped or no longer needed that we can break into mosaic pieces)
Old costume jewelry or mismatched jewelry for mosaic and other projects.
Plastic bottles
Lids off anything of any kind
Large Pet Food Bags (to make into totes and other items)