Plein Air

The idea of Plein Air is to have artists of all types and levels paint at the same place, enjoy each others company, and learn from one another. If enough interest is shown, this could potentially turn into a competition.

Plein Air is the French word referring to painting landscape outdoors on the site. If you always paint from a photo, you are training your eye to see as a camera sees, which is different from the way our eye wants to see naturally. Both practices are valid, but a photo can tell you only a small fraction of what your eye can tell you.

Plein Air is immediate, direct, and all about capturing the relationships not the details. It is also about a few challenges, such as rapidly changing light, weather, bugs, “did I bring everything”— you get the idea.

We will meet at 10 o’clock at the Henderson to figure out carpooling or you are welcome to call for directions and give us about forty-five minutes to get there. If you don’t have a lightweight