With much gratitude, The Henderson thanks the Joey Burke family of Abingdon, Virginia for the donation of a vintage letterpress shop, including a working Chandler & Price printing press, a vintage proof press, a substantial collection of wood and metal type and much more. In Mid-May we welcome a collection of Poco model "0" Proof Presses:

  • 4 Fully rebuilt Poco model “O” Proof Presses, including bed plate and cylinder packed to original Poco specification.
  • 1 Fully rebuilt Poco model “2” Proof Presses, including bed plate andcylinder packed to original Poco specification.
  • 16” Antique Lever Paper Cutter, used, ground blade
  • Galley Cabinet, including galleys for use with Poco presses, allowing storage of type and engravings as well as galleys for holding of forms during printing


We would also like to thank Robert Weisfeld of Abingdon, Virginia for his donation of two type cases filled with metal and wood type, and Tom Graham of Marion, Virginia for his donation of vintage Hamilton Type cases and a vast collection of vintage letterpress icons related to the history of Marion, Virginia and Smyth County. If anyone knows of wood type or letterpress components that need a home, please contact us, we are always welcoming any chance to expand our collection. Any smaller presses such as a Showcard press would be a welcomed donation to our workshop.



The Burke Print Shop is dedicated to preserving the history and craft of letterpress printing. This shop will provide a resource for designers, artists, and craftsman, and also a significant learning resource for students of all ages. There is a revival in the interest of book arts, letterpress, paper making, paper marbling, and calligraphy.




This shop can also become a wonderful legacy for the writer and beloved Sherwood Anderson. After all, it was the love of the printed word that brought him to the Town of Marion, Virginia.