Bob McKinney is a retired U.S. Forest Service (interpretive specialist); has B.S. in Forestry from WVU and M.P.W. (Master of Professional Writing) from Univ. of Southern California in L.A.; published books including “The Kamchata Incident,” “Death in a Small Southern Town,” and “If You Like Us, Talk About Us, the Life and Times of Robert Porterfield.” Magazine articles in “Virginia Game and Fish,” “North American Whitetail,” “Sporting Classics,” “Virginia Wildlife,” etc. He was staff writer at Smyth County News, the Long Beach Times, and currently writes theatre reviews for the Bristol Herald-Courier. He has had two of his plays read at Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights and probably some other stuff that time and the river flowing (he is 70) have caused him to forget.

He was a member of a wonderful writers workshop in L.A. that we think would work well here.  Each member of the workshop will be working on a project of their choosing (novel, non-fiction book, stage play, screen play, short story collection, grant writing, brochure copy, press releases, or whatever) and in rotation, each person will present to the group up to 10 pages a week in advance to be read and discussed. (Presenter is responsible for providing paper copy of the 10 pages for each workshop participant.) Bob envisions that at first he will spend the first 30 minutes or so “teaching” and the last 90 minutes will be for group discussion. He thinks that two people presenting per session would be about right. This would give the class 45 minutes or so for each presenter.

The idea is to have an honest discussion of everything from copy-editing (not much of this) to character development, ambiance, plot, pacing, etc. Nobody gets nasty or they get tossed but good piercing discussion  and hopefully constructive criticism.

The Writers Group will begin meeting here every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm. The beginning date is to be announced so stay tuned to the website and newsletter for more information!