yoga Join Joanna Kelly, Kripalu trained, certified yoga instructor, for a yoga flow “Vinyasa” class at the Henderson every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30pm. This class is a combination of standing, balancing and floor postures. Previous exposure to yoga is helpful, but not required, nor is great flexibility. Modifications are provided so that anyone from a beginner to an intermediate yoga practitioner can participate and be as challenged as they wish. The cost of each class is $10.

Joanna will also be offering a Yin Yoga class at the Henderson every Thursday from 6-7pm at Hungry Mother State Park. Yin Yoga differs from a typical yoga “flow” class in that the postures are held longer, 3-5 minutes or more, and are commonly done from a seated or reclining position. The focus is on the lower body – pelvis, hips, and lower spine. Where traditional yoga is more dynamic, Yin Yoga is slowed down. It is about being present in the body and coming into stillness. Benefits include more flexibility in the lower body, a greater sense of peace and well-being, and an increased flow of energy or “prana” throughout the body. The class fee is $10.

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