Art League of Marion

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The Henderson is the proud host of The Art League of Marion. The Art League meets on the second Tuesday of each month and sponsors the Hungry Mother Arts & Crafts Festival every year on the third full weekend in July.

Last year at the festival, due to COVID protocols, the Art League was required to provide porta potties for the large crowds. With costs being prohibitive, they decided to have a little fun and offer sponsorships for the porta potties. These were a hit! This year they are offering the same, so if you would like to sponsor (and name) a porta-potty, just click here for a sponsorship application. It is a wonderful and humorous way to market your business (pun intended) and reach thousands. The social share was also amazing, so that is added value. Cost is $95.00. You can send a check (made out to The Art League of Marion) or drop off your form, cash/check at The Henderson.

Here are some of the ideas from last year!