Dulcimer Making: Made then Played

We currently do not have a Dulcimer Making class scheduled. Check back for future dates.

The student is introduced to each skill necessary to make an hourglass dulcimer, given the name because of its unique hourglass shape. This traditional Appalachian Mountain dulcimer is a fine musical instrument that is a simple build and easy to play.

The construction of this dulcimer is a great introduction into the world of Lutherie. With the class, you will acquire a solid understanding of some of the fundamental arts of lutherie and perhaps be inspired to build a fiddle or an acoustic guitar. 

In this course you will:

  • Learn about and choose tonewoods and their unique contribution to the sound of the finished instrument.
  • Learn to use the primary tools of woodworking and lutherie to create a fine musical instrument.
  • Learn about a variety of quality finishes.
  • Create an accurate fretboard which will allow an incredibly low action.
  • Accurately set action, intonation and compensation.
  • Install and dress wooden pegs to exacting standards
  • Sunday afternoon offers playing tips and a beginning dulcimer playing class with Anne Lough.

Many decades of stringed instrument-making experience have been folded into all of our instrument making programs.  Master Appalachian Luthiers that have contributed to our program include Wayne C. Henderson of Rugby, VA, Randal Eller of Chilhowie, VA, Spencer Strickland of Lambsburg, VA , Josh Reese of Mars Hill, NC, Marty Howard of Munroe Falls, Ohio and the late Gerald Anderson of Troutdale, VA. Our Lutherie is named in honor of Gerald’s dedication to tradition and education. 

These Master Luthiers have instructed and assisted Michael Brewer and David Arnold and both Michael and David will bring their collective knowledge to this class. We believe that our students receive the best training possible, while experiencing the warmth and welcome of this Appalachian region.  

Students will work long days so wear comfortable shoes! 

Price of class, which includes all supplies and meals is $850.

If you decide to have your dulcimer professionally spray finished by the instructors, there is an extra cost of $100.

Meals include hearty breakfast and lunch for all 3 days as well as snacks and drinks.