We offer several options for Pottery. Cheryl Bess offers classes several different days and times during the week. These classes are offered in 5 week increments and you are encouraged to find the day and time of the week you would like to attend. The most efficient way to schedule a 5 week workshop is to contact Cheryl directly. Check below for Cheryl’s contact information.

This past year we have been able to introduce RAKU firing in our studio program. You can plan on traditional (functional) pottery or learn the techniques for RAKU with Cheryl Bess.

Raku is a low fire process, reaching around 1830F (1000C) at its highest temperature.   In raku, pottery is removed from the kiln when red hot.  It is cooled rapidly, often in combustible material like sawdust or paper.  Raku firing is usually done in a fuel-burning, rather than an electric kiln.

Cheryl’s class is limited to 3 students and cost is $150 for five classes. This includes cost of clay, glazes and firings. (Not to mention you have your pieces to take with you when you’re done!) The best method to set up your pottery time is contact Cheryl: 304-542-1809 or contact Catherine and she will get you in touch.

Cheryl offers pottery in 5 week increments, and most often can work with your schedule.

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